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Article code: 3-2503A

Metal glass carrier, made for hanging glass lampshades without a "standing collar".
This holder is suitable for lamp glasses whose opening diameter is approx. 6.0 cm / 2.4 inch.

The opening in the middle of the glass carrier is provided with M10x1 screw thread.
This makes it quite easy to attach a fitting to it; by means of a piece of threaded end or a pipe (M10x1).  

Look at the photos to see how the hood carrier is mounted between the rod and the fitting that the hood comes over.

Technical state

Diameter van het schroefdraad: M10 x 1 (in het midden vd glasdrager).

Material: iron
Length (cm): upper side: 6.0 (2.4 inch) , bottom side: 8.0 (3.15 inch)
Thickness / depth (cm): 1.4 (0.55 inch)