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Vintage lamponderdelen


We also have a large stock of antique and vintage lamp parts.
All from the years 1900-1970.

Some pictures to give a rough idea of ​​this, there really is a lot more.

It is not profitable business wise to put those parts online individually, so we don't do that.

You can come and see us (by appointment) in Soest.
So if you also make lamps yourself or repair old lamps, this is really a small treasure trove.
All unique models, unique pieces.

Prices we ask for the vintage material are comparable to what we offer new online.
Unless it concerns material from special brands.

Well, if you want to come by, call or email us and make an appointment and visit us in Soest.
We're here: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 11.00 - 15.00.