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Article code: 3-0413
Technical state

Schroefdraad aan het einde van de stelring: M10 (of wel 1.0 cm)

Load capacity: 10 kg

Material: black coated metal
Colour: black
Outer Diameter (cm): 10.0 (3.94 inch)
Internal Depth (cm): 5.0 (1.97 inch)
Diameter of opening (cm): 1.0 , M10 (0.39 inch)
Heigth (cm): until bottom end adjusting pipe: max 15 cm (5.9 inch)


This is a complete set of suspension system for lamps of medium weight. An adjustable pipe with a fixed hanging loop, a loose eye (loop) to be able to attach to the ceiling, provided that there is a hook and a ceiling cap with an adjustable ring. Everything coated black. The set is also available in all over white