Stock: 35 Piece
Article code: 3-0511
Technical state

Je hebt nog wel een stelring (i.g.v. stang) of

Opening is uit te vijlen wanneer je grotere diameter (zoals M13) nodig hebt

Material: chrome - matt
Colour: silver - matt
Outer Diameter (cm): 10.0 (3.9 inch)
Internal Depth (cm): 4.9 (1.9 inch)
Diameter of opening (cm): 1.0 (0.39 inch) M10
Heigth (cm): 5.0 (2.0 inch)


Ceiling cup made of matt stainless steel.
In the shape of a hemisphere (half boll).

To be able to fix this plate tightly to the ceiling:
in case of a rod you still need a slip ring.
in case of coed you need this one.
Otherwise it will drop down.