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Article code: 3-0142A
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Material: plastic
Colour: black
Heigth (cm): 5.0 (2.0 inch)
Outer Diameter (cm): 4.0 (1.6 inch)
Diameter of opening (cm): 1.4 and 1.0 (0.55 and 0.39 inch)


Lamp parts, connector made of black plastic
Coupler for making cross construction.

Coupler is used to connect a fishing rod lamp.
Standing opening is 1.3 cm (0.51 inch).
Landscape opening is 1.0 cm (0.39 inch).

A fishing rod lamp is a lamp with a stand and a horizontal tube that holds the lampshade transversely.
This can be a tabel lamp, but it can also be a wall lamp.

You can adjust the cross by means of the screw at the top: places the lampshade up or down.