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Article code: 3-0557A
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Material: brass
Colour: gold (matt)
Outer Diameter (cm): 13.0 (5.1 inch)
Diameter of opening (cm): 1.0 (0.39 inch) M10
Heigth (cm): 4.5 (1.8 inch)


Cover plate for lamp glass, gold-colored brass.
Can also be used very well as a ceiling cap.
The round opening in the middle is 1.0 cm (M10) 0.39 inch.
You can of course also file these larger.

The lamp parts below that can be combined well with this cover plate:
Strain Relief
Handy when you use this cover plate with a lamp that hangs directly on the cord.
Slip Ring
You use this when your lamp has a rod.
You then clamp the cover plate with the adjusting ring.

This cover plate makes a very nice combination with 15 cm glass spheres (balls)