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Condition of the lamp

Classic pendant lamp, shows normal traces of use.

Also this pendant lamp has been thoroughly checked by us.

Date: 1930s
Colour: pink, silver
Material: glass, chrome
Bulb holder: small size fitting (E14)
Number of fittings: 8
Can you use a ledlamp: yes, that's possible
Diameter Ceiling Cap (cm): 15.5 (6.1 inch)
Total heigth (cm): 90.0 (35.4 inch)
Outside diameter (cm): 70.0 (27.6 inch)


Art Deco pendant lamp.
Hanging lamp is from the 1930s.

Fully chrome fixture.
The ceiling cap and the ornament on the rod are decorated with ribbing.
Below the ornament, the lamp splits into three curved rods.
The rods are flat and angular.
The three rods are attached to a round chrome plate at the bottom.
6 double half curls are placed on the edges of the plate.
A salmon-colored shade is attached in such a double half curl.
The shade has tangible relief on the outside.
The lampshades shine up.

The inner curl appears to have a different color in the photo than the rest of the lamp.
This is the reflection of the color of the shades.

This is a fairly large pendant lamp.
She needs some space to come into her own.

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