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Article code: 3-3289
Technical state

Glaswerk, kroonluchter, vertoont normale sporen van gebruik.


Material: crystal glass
Colour: transparent
Width (cm): 1.7 (0.67 inch)
Thickness / depth (cm): 0.6 (0.24 inch)
Length (cm): 6.4 (2.5 inch)


Chandelier glass.
Elongated bead.

The bead is flat on one side.
On the other hand, it is half round.
Elongated facets along the length.
The end of the bead is also round.

The bead has 1 hole for the connecting pin.

The height of the bead is 4.6 cm (1.8 inch).
The bead is 1.7 cm wide (0.7 inch).