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Nipple, to be used to repair old / antique ceiling ring. Antique brass, M4x1 thread internally. Sometimes you have a ceiling ring with 3 bolts / screws, where at 1 of the points the screw thread is missing. With this small part, you can (usually) fix that. See for clarification: the 4th / 5th photo. This is the very small part that sits on the ceiling ring / glass support and where the bolt is screwed in.

Fixing such a nipple, that still requires some skill.
The wide side of the nipple will be on the outside of the ceiling ring.
The narrow side comes on the inside and you can strike this narrow side flat (and firmly) against the inside of the ceiling ring.
We do this against a stable surface (so that the ceiling ring is not damaged), using a hammer and a small round metal ball.

Technical state

interne draad: M4 x 1

Material: copper (antique brass)
Colour: brown
Heigth (cm): 0.5 (0.2 inch)
Outer Diameter (cm): 0.7 (0.28 inch)