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Stock: 111 Piece
Article code: 3-0024
Technical state

Load capacity: 25 kg

internal thread 1.0 cm / 0.39 inch (M10)

Material: black coated metal
Colour: black
Width (cm): 2.2 (0.87 inch)
Heigth (cm): 2.5 (0.98 inch)
Wire: internal thread: M10 x 1


Sturdy black loop gripper for hanging lamps.
This is the small model.
You can screw this loop gripper onto the rod of your hanging lamp, very easy to do.

Do you want to hang a very heavy lamp and are you looking for a really sturdy construction:
then take 2 loop grippers and attach them to both sides of the rod/tube. rod/tube;
leading to: loop - rod - loop.

Absolutly beautiful: loop - rod - ceiling cap - loop

Here you will find a larger black loop gripper