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Article code: 3-0210

Brass reducer with M10x1 (external thread) and M15x1 (internal thread).
This adapter nipple is made of brass.

Please note, this is authentic vintage material, so it may have stain, scratch and some dust.
The following also applies: only available as long as the current supply lasts.

If you also want to make internal thread of the external piece of M10x1 thread, you can use this pipe connector.

Technical state

zijde 1, externe draad: M10 x 1 (mannetje).

zijde 2, interne draad: M15 x 1 (vrouwtje)

Material: brass
Colour: gold
Width (cm): diameter largest point: 1.2 cm / 0.5 inch
Heigth (cm): 1.8 (0.7 inch)
Outer Diameter (cm): M10
Diameter of opening (cm): M15