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Article code: 3-2515

Lamp shade holder, open model, black coloured. With this you can hang a lampshade with a raised edge (see the photos also). Suitable for a raised edge up to 6.0 cm / 2.4 inch. You then clamp the cover with the 3 screws. Tight and not too tight; it remains a glass cover that you clamp.

Technical state

De binnenmaat van de ring (waar de glazen kap in komt) is: 6.0 cm

De 3 schroefjes vast draaien, maar niet té vast, het blijft een glazen kap

Diameter opening bovenin de glasdrager: M10 (of wel 1.0 cm)

Material: metal
Colour: black
Outer Diameter (cm): 6.2 (2.44 inch)
Heigth (cm): 5.5 (2.17 inch)
Lamp shade holder (inner diameter, in cm): 6.0 (2.36 inch)